Parent or Professional Driving Instructor?

Before you turn the key you need to answer one tough question in order to get your driver’s license.

Who is the best person to teach you, your parents or a professional driving instructor?

Parents sometimes make the decision even harder when they insist on training their sons or daughters.

After a few impromptu lessons and frayed nerves, maybe even a bit of screaming, parents and students usually come to the conclusion the best option is to hire a pro.

A professional driving instructor is a good choice for a few reasons. One is that it preserves the sanctity of the family, but just as importantly, it’s safer and the student will usually become a better driver.

Practicing driving with mom or dad usually works out pretty good once you have the basics and feel relatively comfortable behind the wheel. Over the long run it’s critically important for a young student to begin driving using good habits. The reality however is that quite often parents have been driving for such a long time they’ve forgotten how to drive safely or to even know the rules of the road.

Another advantage of hiring a professional driving instructor is that they know how the government test is conducted. When you have this inside knowledge it is much easier to navigate the course and pass a driver’s license test. It takes much of the guesswork out of the equation, and provides you with a framework that will stay with you for years, if not your entire life.

Parent or Pro is a personal decision that requires careful thought.

Talk it over respectfully with your parents.

Tell them DriverEDU has become the leader and Canada’s new driver education standard, which is already extending to North America and beyond. We support your entire driver education journey. Trial and error is old school. Through meticulous research and technology we developed a system far beyond the scope of our competitors. If they could have they would have, but we did it first.

ASK = Attitude + Skill + Knowledge

Theory leads to practice,
practice leads to habits,
habits lead to experience,
and experience leads to
“unconscious consciousness.”

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