NEW Way to Learn to Drive

Up until now, driver education has been “OLD SCHOOLB O R I N G

DriverEDU changes all that and drops a NEW and exciting HI-TECH component into the driver’s seat.

We looked at the outdated old school method and decided something had to change, so we set about rewriting how people forever learn to drive cars and ride motorcycles.

Our competitors, some the biggest in the world, were looking too, and struggling to come up with a modern day solution, but we got there first, and way ahead of the pack.

In fact so far ahead that DriverEDU has become the leader and Canada’s new driver education standard, plus we’re also already expanding quickly across North America and beyond.

DriverEDU supports your “entire” driver education journey. Trial and error is out, and proven technique is the new way to roll down the highway of freedom. Through meticulous research and technology we developed a system far beyond the scope of other driver education schools, and it will change forever how you learn. It’s innovative, new, and exciting.

Our system allows you to learn at home, or wherever you are using nothing but your computer! No more classroom time, ever. Simply turn on your laptop or smartphone, start our software, start your webcam and start learning.

How HI-TECH is it? It’s” Minority Report” Retinal Scanning high technology, and the really surprising thing is that it works on any computer, anywhere, and anytime, and it’s fast! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

We also developed a new learning strategy to go with our new technological strategy.


Attitude + Skill + Knowledge = ASK . . . so go ahead, ask us how it works.

Theory leads to practice,
practice leads to habits,
habits lead to experience,
and experience leads to
“unconscious consciousness.”

It’s a Driver Circle of Learning unique to DriverEDU that supports you today, as well as into the future.

DriverEDU students are in full control. There are no surprises or excuses.


Our philosophy of learning is unique;

Theory & Knowledge lead to Demo » Practice » Repeat until it becomes second nature – no thinking … just doing.


DriverEDU is the ultimate learning and driving experience.

What are you waiting for – Start your engines and learn today, right now.