Head Games & Motorcycle Muscle Memory

“I want to be the best motorcycle rider possible,
but it’s harder than I thought because of
all the crazy drivers coming at me on the road.”

It’s a common concern regardless of whether you’ve been riding for one week, or fifty years.


Being a “Great Rider” can be defined many ways,
from being able to ease out of an impending high speed wobble
to knowing how to safely ride at slow speeds in city traffic or brake while cornering on a gravel road.


All riders need an edge, and that edge comes from a combination of training and experience.

RiderEDU Training starts in your head and winds all the way through your throttle to the pavement.

When you twist your wrist and feel the power of your motorcycle engine you need to feel confident your brain is connected to the tread on your tires. Traction is the secret sauce, so you need to clearly understand the chain of events that occur when the power surges and you lean in a corner.

You need to feel at one with your ride even before you swing your leg over the saddle.

More importantly, you need to be in the moment as soon as your engine fires.

It’s critical to focus on all the obstacles around you, and that means having your technical skills become second nature. How do you do that? It’s simple; Expert Training & Experience.
Here’s the challenge we all face as motorcycle riders; the human brain is not capable of concentrating on more than one task at a time. You need to accept this limitation. Your life depends on it.

Multitasking for the most part is a myth. Sure we can pretend to multitask at work or at home when the process isn’t critical. Go ahead and eat, listen to music, and study math at the same time, because no one is accurately tracking the learning process. The reality though is that if you want to truly absorb the information you need to lock onto it like a Jedi Knight tracking the Death Star.


You need to develop your “muscle memory” and “will” your machine to fly itself.

RiderEDU trains you to concentrate on your surroundings, and prepares you to get the most out of and ride you motorcycle safely. We do it differently than all the rest by helping you develop second nature rider skills.

Second nature means that licensing and road regulations as well as your technical skills are so ingrained in your subconscious that it becomes pure fluid motion between your mind and the rubber on the road. When you become a Certified RiderEDU Graduate you’ll no longer be distracted by the mechanics. Instead, you’ll focus on the ever-shifting dynamics of the world coming at you from every side.

Being a great motorcycle rider is a head game. You’re either in it, or you’re not.

When you’re ready to play RiderEDU HEAD GAMES click here …


RiderEDU has become the leader and Canada’s new driver education standard, which is already extending to North America and beyond. We support your entire driver’s education journey.

Trial and error is old school. Through meticulous research and technology we developed a system far beyond the scope of our competitors.

ASK = Attitude + Skill + Knowledge

Theory leads to practice,
practice leads to habits,
habits lead to experience,
and experience leads to
“unconscious consciousness.”

It’s a Driver’s Circle of Learning unique to RiderEDU that supports you today, as well as into the future.

RiderEDU students are in full control. There are no surprises or excuses. Our philosophy of learning is unique;
Theory & Knowledge leads to Demo :: Practice :: Repeat until it becomes second nature – no thinking … just doing.

RiderEDU is the ultimate learning experience.