Site Guide for Students

Enrolling in your course

Once you have created a user account, and are logged in, go to the home page and click on the course you wish to take:

You will be presented with the following page, to make your payment and enrol in the course, click "Send Payment Via Paypal".

Once you have clicked the button you will be taken to If you have a Paypal account already, you can simply login with your Paypal credentials. If you would like to pay without having to use a Paypal account, just click "Dont Have a Paypal Account" below. (Please note: and are both divisions of MSI Motorcycle Safety Institute Inc.)If you clicked the "Don't have a Paypal Account" button, you will then be taken to the following page. Please fill in your credit card and personal information, then click the "Pay" button.

Next (or if you logged in with your own Paypal account) you will be taken to the "confirmation" page. Please review everything and make sure it is correct, then click "Pay Now".

You will then see a page confirming that your payment has been made. You may now click the "Click here to enter your course" button.

You will now see a message that you are being redirected to the site. PLEASE WAIT FOR AUTOMATIC REDIRECTION. If you do not wait, and press "click here" too soon (before the system has updated) you may see an error message. If you do, please wait 15 seconds; then go to the site and try logging in with your username and password.

You will now be redirected to your course. Congratulations!

You will receive a receipt from Paypal within approximately 10 minutes of enrolling.