Site Guide for Students

Your Account

To Create an Account

Head to the home page and choose the course you wish to purchase by clicking on the course name.

Click the register link at the top right of the page:

Fill out the form with your personal details, including name, email, and address. For the non-robot "Captcha" verification at the bottom, enter the numbers or phrase you see in the photo. If you cannot read it, click "Get another Captcha" to get a new photo. When you are done, click "Create My Account"

Once you have submitted the registration form you will get a notice that an email has been sent to your address.

You will get an email at the address you provided with a confirmation link. Click the link in the email.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes, check your junk/spam folder.  If you cannot find the message there, please email and we will confirm your registration manually.

Once you have confirmed via the email link you will be asked to log into the site to begin your facial recognition identity check. Click the Login Button to begin the facial recognition.

Facial Recognition

Please note that you MUST have a webcam to access the site. If you do not have a webcam, you can purchase one from our online store. Webcams built into laptops or Android tablets or phones will work. However IOS devices of any kind WILL NOT WORK. If the only device you have is an IOS device (Ipad or Iphone), then please contact us at, and send us your name and username for a workaround, otherwise please use the site on a PC, Mac, or Android device with a webcam.

Step 1

Make sure you are in a well lit room. Click the "Allow Webcam Access" button on your browser to grant the browser access to your webcam.

Step 2 

Look directly into the camera and click the "Start Enrollment" button.

Step 3

The system will now take several photos of you, keep looking into the camera, and try to blink at least once.

Step 4

If you receive an error ("image without face" or other error), click "restart enrollment" to try again. Make sure you are well lit, be still, and look into the camera.

Step 5

Once the system is done taking photos, you will receive a success message, asking if you would like to customize your model by creating a second model. This is useful for example if you wear glasses sometimes and may or may not have them on, or if you change your hairstyle often. Otherwise click "No" to continue and start your verification to enter the site.

Step 6

Click "Start Verification" to continue and begin your first verification. Each time you log in to the site in the future, this verification will kick in. Look into the camera and be still.

Once the verification is complete you will be logged into the site!