Site Guide for Students

Choosing an internet browser

The following browsers are recommended for our courses:


[Firefox Logo]Mozilla Firefox has been the most successful alternative web browser since the “browser wars” ended. The flagship product of the Mozilla Foundation traces its lineage back to the original Netscape. Firefox was designed for simplicity, security, and extensibility, with hundreds of extensions available. The Mozilla Thunderbird mail & news client is a perfect companion. Both applications are open-source.

mobile Firefox is available for Android and Maemo. For iPhone and iPad users, Firefox Home will sync your Firefox history, bookmarks and tabs to your phone browser.

  • Features: Web · RSS headlines · Extensions for chat, customization, etc. · Skinnable · Malware/Phishing Filter
  • Import: All settings from Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, bookmarks from generic HTML file.
  • Download Firefox for Windows, Macintosh or Linux. Free.
  • Read the Firefox Beginner's Guide.

Upgrade to Firefox Here


[Opera Logo]Apple stunned the world in 2003 when they announced this browser for Mac OS X. It became so popular with Mac users that Microsoft stopped developing IE for the Mac! Safari is designed for elegance and speed, and is now both the default browser on the Mac and the most popular Macintosh browser.

Safari is also the primary web browser on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

  • Features: Web · Private Browsing · RSS
  • Import: Bookmarks from any browser.
  • Download Safari for Macintosh. Free.

Google Chrome

[Chrome Logo]In 2008, Google stripped down the web browser to its essentials and rethought basic assumptions about what a browser should do. Focused on enhanced performance for web applications, Chrome stays out of your way and lets you focus on the web itself.

Chrome uses the WebKit engine (like Safari) and is similar to the default web browser on the Android mobile phone platform.

  • Features: Web · Private Browsing · Malware/Phishing Filter
  • Import: Bookmarks, History and Passwords from Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Download Chrome for Windows, Macintosh or Linux. Free.