Site Guide for Students

F.A.Q's about online courses

  1. When do the courses start and end? 
    Your course begins when you register (pay) and will remain active for one year. The course MUST be completed within this time.
  2. What are the evaluation and participation requirements for online courses?    
    Participation and evaluation requirements for online courses are structured and set out in course syllabus at the top of each course. If you are able to print the syllabus and keep it for reference, we suggest that you do so.

  3. How do I communicate with my instructor? 
    Communications between students and instructors are generally online via Moodle messages or by e-mail. You can reach your teacher at
  4. Do online courses require the same student skill sets as face-to-face classes? 
    Online study is not well-suited to everyone. Online study requires a great deal of self-determination, self-discipline, delayed gratification, independent study, and the ability to work alone.  You also need basic computer skills (example: know how to open and use a word processing program and how to access websites on the internet).
  5. Will my current computer be suitable for online study? 
    Computer models and capabilities change quickly.  The more current your equipment, the more you will enjoy participating in your online course.  Internet access is the key – the faster connections will work best when downloading information.   
    Some users only have access to 56K modems and dial-up connections, which will still work -- but be prepared for extra time to make the connections and download information, videos, and audio.  If you have problems downloading information, please contact

  6. Will I need any other equipment or software?
    You will need an internet connection and a webcam.  If you do not have a webcam you may purchase one at our online store at Certain files require the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download for PC, Mac and Android; for the Iphone/Ipad app, please click here.

  7. How do I get my course completion certificate?
    You will receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course if you:
    a) Have a passing grade as outlined in the course syllabus AND
    b) Have completed ALL lessons, forums, quizzes, questionnaires,  assessments and exams. When each of these activities are completed, the completion check box beside them will be checked as seen here: