Site Guide for Students

Returning to your course

If you have logged out of your course, and are returning to the site to start up again, you must first log into the site using the username and password you chose when you registered.

Once you have arrived at the site, first click the login link at the top right OR choose your course from the "Courses" drop down menu.

You will now be taken to the login screen. Enter your username and password in the fields provided. If you have forgotten your username or password, you may click the "Forgotten your username or password" link to have your username or password emailed to you.

NOTE: you will need  either your username or the email address you originally used to set up the account to reset the password.

Once you have entered your username and password, click the "Login" button.

The facial recognition system will now verify your identity. Make sure you are in a well lit room, look into the camera and click "start verification".

If you have an issue logging in, please exit the site and try again. If you cannot login after several attempts, please contact us at and send your Name, Username, and email address that you registered with and we will reset the system so that you can create a new face model.

Once you have been verified, you will be logged into the site home page.

Now choose your course from the "Courses" drop down menu:

Once you arrive at your course, you have two ways to quickly find where you left off:

The Progress Bar

The progress bar indicates what lessons, quizzes, forms, and forums you have completed. As you move the mouse over the progress bar, you will see links to each of your activities appear. By clicking on a certain bar or activity, you will be taken straight to that activity.  Once an activity is completed (submitted) you will see it turn green in the progress bar. Therefore the simplest way to find your spot when logging back in is to click the first red (incomplete) activity that you see. Remember that Lessons and Quizzes/Feedback/Forums are on two different sets of bars, so be sure to check both.

Progress "Check Boxes"

The second method you can use to find your spot are the progress "check boxes" on the main screen of each module. When you click on a module title to enter that module, you will see "check boxes" next to each activity in that module. If a box is checked, that means you have completed (submitted) that activity. If a check box is empty, that means the activity has not yet been completed. To find your spot, just look for the first "unchecked" check box.