Site Guide for Students

Personal Profile

Your Profile is where you tell your instructors and fellow students about yourself. As this is somewhat "public" information, it is important to think about what information you would like to include.

From the homepage or your course homepage:

    1. From the Administration block, choose "Edit Profile" under "My Profile Settings".


    2. Complete the profile form.

Explanation of drop-down menus:

Email display - You can choose to:

- hide your email address (if you want someone in the same course to contact you, you will have to provide them your email address)
- allow everyone (your email is public - not recommended)
- allow only other course members to see (if you want others in your course to be able to see your email address)

Email digest type - When set to 'No' - if you are subscribed to forums, you will get the full text of all messages posted within 30 minutes

- Complete means you get the full text of forums you are subscribed to only once per day.

- Subjects means you get only a list of subject lines from your subscribed forums, once per day.

Forum auto-subscribe - determines whether you are automatically given notification when someone posts to forums. To avoid being overwhelmed with email notifications, you may wish to choose "No: don't automatically subscribe me to forums" and then manually subscribe to those forums you would like to receive notifications from later.

Forum tracking - is a handy tool. This, when turned on, will show you which posts you have not yet read in a forum.

The remainder of the drop-down menus are usually best left with the default options.