Site Guide for Students


Messaging combines features of both Email and Instant Messaging in one tool.

You can send and receive messages to and from other users, add users to your contact list, block users from sending you messages, and view a history of your messages.

Notifications of forum postings, assignment feedback, etc. are sent to you as Messages and then forwarded as Emails.  NOTE:  Email notifications can be turned off if you choose.

Sending Messages

When you login you will see a “message block” in the left-side column; this block will move to the top left-side when you leave the site home page:

1. To send a message, click the “Messages” link.

2. Search for the person you want to send a message to by entering their name (personal or family) into the search box and then clicking on Search people and messages. (The first time you login your contact list will be empty. Once you have stored a contact, simply click on their name to send a message.)

3. Click on the name (in this example, John Smith) to send a message.

4. Type your message. When you are ready, click "Send Message" to complete the transmission.

Receiving Messages

When you receive a message, the name of the sender will appear in the message block, along with a picture of an envelope (indicating that there is a message waiting for you) and the number of messages that are waiting to be retrieved from that sender.

Click on the word Messages, the number or the envelope to open the message (clicking on the sender’s photo will allow you to view their profile).

The Message Navigation panel will give you the option to send a message to a contact if you have added any contacts, see how many unread messages, as well as how many potential contacts are available. You can also go to the unread messages (red text) by clicking on the sender's name. 

When you view the messages, you have the option to view All Messages or Recent Messages. The default view is New Messages. 

If you have a reply, simply enter it in the Message box then click Send Message.

Forum Notifications

To turn off forum notifications, complete the following instructions. Note - If you do not turn this setting off, you will be notified every single time a student posts in the forum.

Go to My Profile Settings in the Settings block.

Select Edit Profile.

Set Forum Auto-Subscribe to "No: don't automatically subscribe me to forums"

Email Notifications

 Email notifications can be turned off if you desire.

  1. In the Administration Block, click on My Profile Settings, then Messaging.  

  2. A configuration screen will open; remove or add ticks to configure email notifications.  email notification

  3. When you are done, click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page.