Site Guide for Students



The bulk of each course consists of "Lessons". Lessons can be identified by the following icon:

A lesson may consist of simple slides, slides with audio, and audio/video presentations.


BE SURE to have your computer audio turned on and volume up when completing lessons.

Slides are navigated by clicking the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" buttons at the bottom of each slide as seen here:

Audio lessons have a small audio player embedded at the bottom of each page, as seen here:

The audio player will start automatically. It can be rewound and fast forwarded, by dragging the tab to the left or right respectively. There is also a pause button and volume control.

Video lessons DO NOT play automatically. This is to conserve bandwidth on mobile devices and to avoid annoyance. You MUST click the "Play" button to start each video, as shown below.

With the video player, you can pause and rewind. Video CANNOT be fast forwarded until the entire video has loaded. Loading is displayed by the grey bar at the bottom of the screen. Slower internet connections may require several minutes while the video downloads before they can be played.

When a lesson is complete, simply click the "End of Lesson" button as seen below. The button will not appear until the final slide of each lesson.