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Site Guide for Students

Site Guide for Students

Site: RiderEDU
Course: RiderEDU
Book: Site Guide for Students
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Date: Friday, 24 May 2019, 2:59 AM

Table of contents


Find the answers to your questions in the pages of this book.

Using this Book

Turn the pages by clicking on the book arrows or  found at the top and bottom right of each page.

Alternately, use the Table of Contents found on the left side of the book. Clicking on any of the table of contents links will take you to that page:


Printing Tools

There are two methods for printing the information from a book. You can choose to print just the page (chapter) that you are viewing , or you can print all the pages in the book as one continuous document.

The printing options are located in the Administration block - located on the left side of your screen:

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Sample Course

To try our sample course click here

Getting Help

Having problems with the site? Cannot login? Registration not working? Cannot access that video or website? Audio not working?

Contact Technical Support:

Need help submitting your assignment? Need help registering for a course? Checking final grades? Requesting transcripts?

Contact your instructor:


Do not understand the discussion question? Not certain what is required for the assignment or quiz?

Contact your instructor:

Your Account

To Create an Account

Head to the home page and choose the course you wish to purchase by clicking on the course name.

Click the register link at the top right of the page:

Fill out the form with your personal details, including name, email, and address. For the non-robot "Captcha" verification at the bottom, enter the numbers or phrase you see in the photo. If you cannot read it, click "Get another Captcha" to get a new photo. When you are done, click "Create My Account"

Once you have submitted the registration form you will get a notice that an email has been sent to your address.

You will get an email at the address you provided with a confirmation link. Click the link in the email.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes, check your junk/spam folder.  If you cannot find the message there, please email and we will confirm your registration manually.

Once you have confirmed via the email link you will be asked to log into the site to begin your facial recognition identity check. Click the Login Button to begin the facial recognition.

Facial Recognition

Please note that you MUST have a webcam to access the site. If you do not have a webcam, you can purchase one from our online store. Webcams built into laptops or Android tablets or phones will work. However IOS devices of any kind WILL NOT WORK. If the only device you have is an IOS device (Ipad or Iphone), then please contact us at, and send us your name and username for a workaround, otherwise please use the site on a PC, Mac, or Android device with a webcam.

Step 1

Make sure you are in a well lit room. Click the "Allow Webcam Access" button on your browser to grant the browser access to your webcam.

Step 2 

Look directly into the camera and click the "Start Enrollment" button.

Step 3

The system will now take several photos of you, keep looking into the camera, and try to blink at least once.

Step 4

If you receive an error ("image without face" or other error), click "restart enrollment" to try again. Make sure you are well lit, be still, and look into the camera.

Step 5

Once the system is done taking photos, you will receive a success message, asking if you would like to customize your model by creating a second model. This is useful for example if you wear glasses sometimes and may or may not have them on, or if you change your hairstyle often. Otherwise click "No" to continue and start your verification to enter the site.

Step 6

Click "Start Verification" to continue and begin your first verification. Each time you log in to the site in the future, this verification will kick in. Look into the camera and be still.

Once the verification is complete you will be logged into the site!

Enrolling in your course

Once you have created a user account, and are logged in, go to the home page and click on the course you wish to take:

You will be presented with the following page, to make your payment and enrol in the course, click "Send Payment Via Paypal".

Once you have clicked the button you will be taken to If you have a Paypal account already, you can simply login with your Paypal credentials. If you would like to pay without having to use a Paypal account, just click "Dont Have a Paypal Account" below. (Please note: and are both divisions of MSI Motorcycle Safety Institute Inc.)If you clicked the "Don't have a Paypal Account" button, you will then be taken to the following page. Please fill in your credit card and personal information, then click the "Pay" button.

Next (or if you logged in with your own Paypal account) you will be taken to the "confirmation" page. Please review everything and make sure it is correct, then click "Pay Now".

You will then see a page confirming that your payment has been made. You may now click the "Click here to enter your course" button.

You will now see a message that you are being redirected to the site. PLEASE WAIT FOR AUTOMATIC REDIRECTION. If you do not wait, and press "click here" too soon (before the system has updated) you may see an error message. If you do, please wait 15 seconds; then go to the site and try logging in with your username and password.

You will now be redirected to your course. Congratulations!

You will receive a receipt from Paypal within approximately 10 minutes of enrolling.

Returning to your course

If you have logged out of your course, and are returning to the site to start up again, you must first log into the site using the username and password you chose when you registered.

Once you have arrived at the site, first click the login link at the top right OR choose your course from the "Courses" drop down menu.

You will now be taken to the login screen. Enter your username and password in the fields provided. If you have forgotten your username or password, you may click the "Forgotten your username or password" link to have your username or password emailed to you.

NOTE: you will need  either your username or the email address you originally used to set up the account to reset the password.

Once you have entered your username and password, click the "Login" button.

The facial recognition system will now verify your identity. Make sure you are in a well lit room, look into the camera and click "start verification".

If you have an issue logging in, please exit the site and try again. If you cannot login after several attempts, please contact us at and send your Name, Username, and email address that you registered with and we will reset the system so that you can create a new face model.

Once you have been verified, you will be logged into the site home page.

Now choose your course from the "Courses" drop down menu:

Once you arrive at your course, you have two ways to quickly find where you left off:

The Progress Bar

The progress bar indicates what lessons, quizzes, forms, and forums you have completed. As you move the mouse over the progress bar, you will see links to each of your activities appear. By clicking on a certain bar or activity, you will be taken straight to that activity.  Once an activity is completed (submitted) you will see it turn green in the progress bar. Therefore the simplest way to find your spot when logging back in is to click the first red (incomplete) activity that you see. Remember that Lessons and Quizzes/Feedback/Forums are on two different sets of bars, so be sure to check both.

Progress "Check Boxes"

The second method you can use to find your spot are the progress "check boxes" on the main screen of each module. When you click on a module title to enter that module, you will see "check boxes" next to each activity in that module. If a box is checked, that means you have completed (submitted) that activity. If a check box is empty, that means the activity has not yet been completed. To find your spot, just look for the first "unchecked" check box.

F.A.Q's about online courses

  1. When do the courses start and end? 
    Your course begins when you register (pay) and will remain active for one year. The course MUST be completed within this time.
  2. What are the evaluation and participation requirements for online courses?    
    Participation and evaluation requirements for online courses are structured and set out in course syllabus at the top of each course. If you are able to print the syllabus and keep it for reference, we suggest that you do so.

  3. How do I communicate with my instructor? 
    Communications between students and instructors are generally online via Moodle messages or by e-mail. You can reach your teacher at
  4. Do online courses require the same student skill sets as face-to-face classes? 
    Online study is not well-suited to everyone. Online study requires a great deal of self-determination, self-discipline, delayed gratification, independent study, and the ability to work alone.  You also need basic computer skills (example: know how to open and use a word processing program and how to access websites on the internet).
  5. Will my current computer be suitable for online study? 
    Computer models and capabilities change quickly.  The more current your equipment, the more you will enjoy participating in your online course.  Internet access is the key – the faster connections will work best when downloading information.   
    Some users only have access to 56K modems and dial-up connections, which will still work -- but be prepared for extra time to make the connections and download information, videos, and audio.  If you have problems downloading information, please contact

  6. Will I need any other equipment or software?
    You will need an internet connection and a webcam.  If you do not have a webcam you may purchase one at our online store at Certain files require the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download for PC, Mac and Android; for the Iphone/Ipad app, please click here.

  7. How do I get my course completion certificate?
    You will receive a course completion certificate at the end of the course if you:
    a) Have a passing grade as outlined in the course syllabus AND
    b) Have completed ALL lessons, forums, quizzes, questionnaires,  assessments and exams. When each of these activities are completed, the completion check box beside them will be checked as seen here:

Choosing an internet browser

The following browsers are recommended for our courses:


[Firefox Logo]Mozilla Firefox has been the most successful alternative web browser since the “browser wars” ended. The flagship product of the Mozilla Foundation traces its lineage back to the original Netscape. Firefox was designed for simplicity, security, and extensibility, with hundreds of extensions available. The Mozilla Thunderbird mail & news client is a perfect companion. Both applications are open-source.

mobile Firefox is available for Android and Maemo. For iPhone and iPad users, Firefox Home will sync your Firefox history, bookmarks and tabs to your phone browser.

Upgrade to Firefox Here


[Opera Logo]Apple stunned the world in 2003 when they announced this browser for Mac OS X. It became so popular with Mac users that Microsoft stopped developing IE for the Mac! Safari is designed for elegance and speed, and is now both the default browser on the Mac and the most popular Macintosh browser.

Safari is also the primary web browser on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Google Chrome

[Chrome Logo]In 2008, Google stripped down the web browser to its essentials and rethought basic assumptions about what a browser should do. Focused on enhanced performance for web applications, Chrome stays out of your way and lets you focus on the web itself.

Chrome uses the WebKit engine (like Safari) and is similar to the default web browser on the Android mobile phone platform.


"It won't work" F.A.Q

  1. I forgot my password and can't login to my course. What should I do?
    You can click the "Forgotten your username or password?" link in the login area and the system will email you a new password, or you can contact technical support at and ask that your password be reset.

  2. Facial Recognition system isn't working:  Won't allow me to create a face model when I register OR keeps saying "No face detected" or some other error.

    Make sure you are well lit and looking directly into the camera when creating your model. If after four or more tries you cannot create a model, contact us at with your name, email address and username, and the subject line: CANNOT CREATE FR MODEL.

  3. After problem or error creating model, I'm getting a blank white page when trying to log back in.

    Contact us at with your name, email address and username, and the subject line: BLANK WHITE PAGE.                                                                                     
  4. Facial Recognition system isn't working. Cannot login, won't accept my face.

    Make sure you are well lit and looking directly into the camera. If possible, try again in a new room under different lighting. If after four or more tries you cannot login, contact us at with your name, email address and username and the subject line: CANNOT LOGIN WITH FR.

  5. What is the largest file size that I can upload?

     Courses will accept up to 128 MB uploads.
  6. I've uploaded a photo of myself for the profile, but I still see the Smiley face? What's happening?
    Your internet browser might be reading the image from the cache. Try refreshing the page. If that still doesn't show the new image, you will have to clear your cache. Here is a link with instructions on clearing the cache in various browsers.
  7. I keep getting copies of forum posts in my email. Why?
    One of the features of the discussion forums is the ability to "subscribe". If you're subscribed, every time someone adds a new post to a forum, you'll receive a copy in your email. Subscriptions can be handy, because you're instantly notified when there is activity in your discussion, but the email can get a little overwhelming, especially if it's a lively forum. If you don't wish to receive email notifications make sure to turn off "Forum Notifications". To learn how to do so, visit the "Forum Notifications" section of Messaging


In the "My Home" section of your course, you have the option of adding your own Calendar to keep track of anything you need to while working on your course. A separate event calendar with site announcements and teacher chat scheduling will also appear on your course pages.

To add your own Calendar:

  1. To begin, click on "My Home" in the Navigation block: 

  2. Click Customize this Page in the top right (under the log out prompt):

  3.  Go to the bottom of the left-hand column and select Calendar from the drop-down menu in the "Add a block" block:
  4. The block will appear at the bottom of the left-hand column and can be moved to wherever you want it on the page by clicking on the 4-way arrow and dragging:


Forums - Discussion & Information

  1. Start by clicking on the forum, identifiable by the forum icon: 
  2. Read the information provided by your instructor.

  3. Now answer the questions below that have been asked by replying to the discussion posts.

  4. Click on Reply and add your Message.

  5. Enter your reply. Do not forget to click "Post to Forum" when you are done.

Grades - Where are they?

The grades for each course you are enrolled in can be found within the individual courses unless the instructor has hidden them.  You will find your gradebook on your navigation menu, under "Administration".

NOTE:  Grade Books are set up to show you the mark you would get if you dropped out of a course and didn't finish the remaining assignments.  What this means is, if you look at the grade book early in the semester, it will look like you are getting a very poor final mark.  To get a realistic idea of what your final grade will be, you would need to take a look at the grade book when you are finished the course.


Messaging combines features of both Email and Instant Messaging in one tool.

You can send and receive messages to and from other users, add users to your contact list, block users from sending you messages, and view a history of your messages.

Notifications of forum postings, assignment feedback, etc. are sent to you as Messages and then forwarded as Emails.  NOTE:  Email notifications can be turned off if you choose.

Sending Messages

When you login you will see a “message block” in the left-side column; this block will move to the top left-side when you leave the site home page:

1. To send a message, click the “Messages” link.

2. Search for the person you want to send a message to by entering their name (personal or family) into the search box and then clicking on Search people and messages. (The first time you login your contact list will be empty. Once you have stored a contact, simply click on their name to send a message.)

3. Click on the name (in this example, John Smith) to send a message.

4. Type your message. When you are ready, click "Send Message" to complete the transmission.

Receiving Messages

When you receive a message, the name of the sender will appear in the message block, along with a picture of an envelope (indicating that there is a message waiting for you) and the number of messages that are waiting to be retrieved from that sender.

Click on the word Messages, the number or the envelope to open the message (clicking on the sender’s photo will allow you to view their profile).

The Message Navigation panel will give you the option to send a message to a contact if you have added any contacts, see how many unread messages, as well as how many potential contacts are available. You can also go to the unread messages (red text) by clicking on the sender's name. 

When you view the messages, you have the option to view All Messages or Recent Messages. The default view is New Messages. 

If you have a reply, simply enter it in the Message box then click Send Message.

Forum Notifications

To turn off forum notifications, complete the following instructions. Note - If you do not turn this setting off, you will be notified every single time a student posts in the forum.

Go to My Profile Settings in the Settings block.

Select Edit Profile.

Set Forum Auto-Subscribe to "No: don't automatically subscribe me to forums"

Email Notifications

 Email notifications can be turned off if you desire.

  1. In the Administration Block, click on My Profile Settings, then Messaging.  

  2. A configuration screen will open; remove or add ticks to configure email notifications.  email notification

  3. When you are done, click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page.

Personal Profile

Your Profile is where you tell your instructors and fellow students about yourself. As this is somewhat "public" information, it is important to think about what information you would like to include.

From the homepage or your course homepage:

    1. From the Administration block, choose "Edit Profile" under "My Profile Settings".


    2. Complete the profile form.

Explanation of drop-down menus:

Email display - You can choose to:

- hide your email address (if you want someone in the same course to contact you, you will have to provide them your email address)
- allow everyone (your email is public - not recommended)
- allow only other course members to see (if you want others in your course to be able to see your email address)

Email digest type - When set to 'No' - if you are subscribed to forums, you will get the full text of all messages posted within 30 minutes

- Complete means you get the full text of forums you are subscribed to only once per day.

- Subjects means you get only a list of subject lines from your subscribed forums, once per day.

Forum auto-subscribe - determines whether you are automatically given notification when someone posts to forums. To avoid being overwhelmed with email notifications, you may wish to choose "No: don't automatically subscribe me to forums" and then manually subscribe to those forums you would like to receive notifications from later.

Forum tracking - is a handy tool. This, when turned on, will show you which posts you have not yet read in a forum.

The remainder of the drop-down menus are usually best left with the default options.


The word 'blog' is a contraction of 'web log'. Blogs are a form of online journal used by millions of people around the world for self-expression and communicating with family and friends. Blogs are usually organized as a chronological series of postings created by the author of the blog. Blogs usually are written by one person, although some blogs can be authored by groups of people.

Blogs in Moodle are user-based; each user has their own blog. Users can also register their external blogs, such as Blogger or Wordpress, so that entries are automatically included in their Moodle blog.

To access your student blog:

From the Navigation block, click on My Profile > Blogs > Add a new entry

Click on the "Save changes" button.

Course Introduction

At the top of each course, you will find a "Course Introduction". Here you will see the course title, as well as other information regarding files or software you may need to view the course properly. For your convenience, open, download and save the Driver Manual for your jurisdiction for use as a reference resource. You will also find a link for your course syllabus.


Each course is divided into modules, which should be completed in the order they appear. However, you may revisit any module at any time throughout the course. Each module is introduced with a brief summary, list of topics, and standards of learning to be covered.


The bulk of each course consists of "Lessons". Lessons can be identified by the following icon:

A lesson may consist of simple slides, slides with audio, and audio/video presentations.


BE SURE to have your computer audio turned on and volume up when completing lessons.

Slides are navigated by clicking the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" buttons at the bottom of each slide as seen here:

Audio lessons have a small audio player embedded at the bottom of each page, as seen here:

The audio player will start automatically. It can be rewound and fast forwarded, by dragging the tab to the left or right respectively. There is also a pause button and volume control.

Video lessons DO NOT play automatically. This is to conserve bandwidth on mobile devices and to avoid annoyance. You MUST click the "Play" button to start each video, as shown below.

With the video player, you can pause and rewind. Video CANNOT be fast forwarded until the entire video has loaded. Loading is displayed by the grey bar at the bottom of the screen. Slower internet connections may require several minutes while the video downloads before they can be played.

When a lesson is complete, simply click the "End of Lesson" button as seen below. The button will not appear until the final slide of each lesson.

"Ripped From the Headlines"

An important element of every course is the "Ripped From the Headlines" section. Reference will be made through the course to the articles. Use the forum links provided when they appear to discuss these tragedies in further detail.


Quizzes and Video/Quizzes can be identified by the following icon:

Quizzes come in a variety of formats, such as multiple choice, true/false, and short answer.

Students are allowed a total of TWO attempts on all quizzes EXCEPT mid term and final exams, where only ONE attempt is allowed.

To begin the quiz, first click on the quiz link as outlined above.

Then click the "Attempt Quiz Now" button

Familiarize yourself with the Quiz Navigation box at the top left of each quiz. It is a handy tool. 

Questions can be answered in any order.

Once you are finished, you have the option of returning to fix mistakes before submitting, or submitting to finish, by clicking the corresponding button:


If you are having difficulty playing or watching videos, please visit the YouTube Help Center.


Many modules contain "Questionnaires", identified by the following icon:

Questionnaires are unmarked assignments which should be completed like any other quiz or assignment. They are simple web forms which should be filled out and submitted when done. Questionnaires can only be submitted ONCE, so choose your answers carefully.



Module final assessments are designed in the form of interactive video games which are counted toward the final grade, as per the course syllabus.

Assessments/Games can be identified by the following icon:

There are several types of games. Each game is unique, and has its own separate set of instructions.

Choose the correct answers in each game to score points.

When finished, be sure to post your scores in the "Top scorers" forum and see how well you do against the rest!


This site is built on the "Moodle" e-Learning platform, an open source platform for online courses. This link provides answers to the most common questions students have asked at colleges and universities around the globe.